Mahakal Mini Canvas Original Acrylic Painting (10×10 cm) With Wooden Stand


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“Mahakal Handmade Painting”
Ujjain visit inspired me to make this painting.
Mahakal is the only jyotirlinga facing the south, while all the other jyotirlingas face east.

✅ Size: 10 x 10 cm
✅ Comes with stand which can include a message of your choice🔥
✅Made In India🇮🇳
✅Free shipping all over India

These small yet versatile table top easels have multiple uses. They are lightweight and convenient to carry and store, whether you’re sketching, painting, or displaying at a meeting, gallery or miniature pictures, photos or information and art fair. They are suitable for table top work with small canvasses. They can be placed on many occasions such as wedding, Birthdays, Parties, Dining Tables etc. A handy support for holding small artworks like your card, menus, pictures, etc.


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